3D Group Text Server

The 3D Group trade text server is another way that our trade customers can contact our support team via text message.

We appreciate that when you are out on the road it is sometimes easier to send a quick text message than making a call.

You can use our text message service for many reasons;

  1. Correct Part Enquiries

If you are unsure of which remote or key you require for the vehicle you are working on you can text us the registration number & VIN and we will reply with the correct part number.

  1. Key Number & Immobiliser Code Enquiries

Text 3D Group the registration number & VIN of the vehicle and the type of code you require and we will reply with your codes.

  1. Place An Order By Text

If you are out in your van and need to place an order simply send us the part numbers you require and quantities in a text message and we will confirm your order by text reply.

  1. Price Enquiries

If you just need an up to date price for a part, you can text us the product code and we will reply with the price.

Our text server is manned during our office open hours. You will receive an acknowledgement that we have received your text within 1 hour and dependent on the nature of your enquiry we will get the required information back to you as soon as possible.

Please be aware that in some instances this can take up to 48 hours.


Text the 3D Group Text Server…

07624 813 003